The illusions of deadly risks turned right is what I define my current state of mind. On sabbatical at the moment, the rich colours of motion and speed with the restlessness inside me, I continue to try and balance like a circus act.With just one big tent and a master by my side I try to bring out the fun and excitement out my life.



I was really fond of my workspace at Adobe. Although it was a quiet cubicle (just behind the library), I was fond of my really huge screen :D and my herman miller chair. The icing on the cake was the board where you could express your thoughts and feelings. The intercom was a totally new thing as an experience, although it made me lazier :/


A quick Neon themed prewedding party invite for my sister. This was done in an hour cause it was a last moment deal and things had to be done super fast. Currently, I am working on the party arrangements. I hope things turn out well. 

Its been so long! I apologise... got a little busy with my internship. So its been quite a while now, I am interning at Adobe Systems.And why I have been busy? well, Im introduced to experience design. Not very different but requires patience! Though a little tough to grasp it at first, I am (i think!) quite successful at the moment. 
Music has been an integral part of my life till now and recently I was listening to this and realised how wonderful the world! 


So I interned last summer in the city of dreams aka Bollywood high- Mumbai. And let me tell you, I had a great time living over there.  Not only the restlessness of the city but also the heavy traffic were few of the uncommon things that struck me  and makes me miss the city everyday. So this is a postcard I designed and sent it to many of my mumbaikar friends who made my summer  beautiful and happening!!

Its that time of year: the month of surprises, showering of gifts, tasting those amazing cakes. Well, my life is full of people born on this particular month. And the celebration starts with my perfect roomie's birthday. Sumedha is a typical virgo: free spirited and perfectionist. This was a little surprize for her from my side to start her special day followed by gifts, cakes and heart full of love. 
Just a way to tell her how much I love her!!

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time with my new phone, and yes I have been exploring Instagram: following my favourite celebrities, 'liking' strangers' photos, being a part of a pretty lively community.
 Love the ease of taking photos, prettying them up, uploading instantly and connecting with friends to share my experience. So a part of me in the above images, being #instacool #instawesome ;)