‘Lekhni’ is a word for a tool which helps one to write and ‘shakti’ means a sacred enforcement or power.The movement is basically an NGO funded initiative in which slum dweller’s children are provided with free education by citizens of the India who have a keen interest of doing so.

I wanted my symbol to be simple and something which people could relate education to and boost someone to carry forward with it . A TRIANGLE in Indian mythology depicts Shakti or divine power and this is what i carried forward with. later i discovered that the tip of a pencil also is triangle and since lekhni is all about the tool of expressing thought, a pencil to begin with, i carried forward with this idea. The form represents books which are created under the pencil tip which also gives a form of waves which gives an openness to the entire structured symbol.
Orange represents energy, enthusiasm, flamboyance an demand of attention. It offers a sense of openness and friendliness to its viewers. Its attractive, bright and cheery nature captures the attention of the spectators and tries to give the logo a contemporary look.
Black: It evokes authority, boldness, elegance and style. It is almost used broadly in all its logo for its boldness and sophistication.

I have used Signika as the logotype since it has a strong demand for attention as well as a friendly nature attached to it. 

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